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Easiest Untethered Jailbreak For All iPhones And iPod Touches


Yes, when you jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch you are avoiding your warrenty with Apple.  But, sometimes their are these features that you might just need or want.  When you jailbreak, their is this installer like the Apple App Store called Cydia.  Cydia is the place where you go to install programs that are not allowed in the App store for legal reasons.  Their are a tons of programs in Cydia that let you get a lot more out of you iPod/iPhone.  When you see "Tethered Jailbreak", that means you have to connect your iPod/iPhone to your computer and rejailbreak in order to use your jailbroken iPod/iPhone.  Untethered is when you can just turn on your iPod/iPhone without plugging it into anything, as if you were turning it on if it weren't jailbroken.  Most untethered jailbreaks only work on the older iPod/iPhones.  But with the Spirit Jailbreak, you can do an untethered jailbreak on all the iPod/iPhones with firmware 3.1.3 or 3.1.2.  Spirit uses this exploit in the boot loader that will be fixed in iPhone OS 4.0.  Spirit is probably the easiest jailbreak out their.  All you have to do is plug in your iPod/iPhone into your computer, download Spirit, and if you are in Windows, set the compatability mode to Windows 95.  Yes, I know that sounds weird but trust me.  Once done with that, simply open Spirit and press the Jailbreak button.  Watch your iPod/iPhone reboot and you are done!  If I have jailbroken my iPod Touch, I wouldn't tell you guys and if I didn't, I still wouldn't tell.  Oh, I almost forgot, Spirit also works on the iPad!  If anything goes wrong durring the jailbreak, I am not responsible for what happens.  Spirit is cross platform and that means it can run on Windows, Mac, and even Linux!  Download Link:

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My Interesting Chat With Apple Support


OK, I wanted to get more information out of Apple about the iPhone 4.0 OS for the iPod Touch 2g with it's limited features and the iPad.  Of course, Apple didn't want to share any information with me about the up coming products.  So here is my talk with them.  Again, I was just trying to get some information out of them.  



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