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Microsoft Security Essentials

Posted by computerglobe on April 3, 2010 at 2:58 PM


What is you current Anti Virus protection? AVG, Avast, Norton? Well I have used personally 2 of the three. To be honest I wasn't to impress with them. For the longest time I went with out Anti Virus feeling worried I decided it was time to get some Anti Virus. I found many free programs but skeptical about using them. While one day just surfing along  I found a free program called "Microsoft Security Essentials." I decided to download it and give it a whirl. I was thinking it was a renamed version of Windows Defender! Yuck! right? Well boy was a I wrong. After downloading and updating for the first time. I scanned my Windows 7 PC right away. It did a full system scan for about 4 hours or so. It didn't find anything wrong with my computer. Which is good because for one thing I'm very safe when I'm on the computer. For example when I want to download software I usually go to Which is very safe by the way. Now for some pros and cons. One great thing I really love about MSE is that it has a very easy to use User Interface.  For example: As soon as you open it up it tells you the status of you computer. In my case I'm protected. Simple tabs to lead you to where you need to go. The tabs are as followed "Home" "Update" "History" "Settings". That's all very simple for the basic computer user. When you click on the "History" tab it gives you a vew of all the items that were detected on your PC. Also in the "History" tab there is little bubbles were you can select to see the items that were disabled and prevented from running but not completely removed. Also there is another bubble that says Allowed Items which means it tells you the items you can run on your computer. The very last tab "Settings" is self explainatory. You can tell it when to Scan and what type of Scan you want. I'm not going very indepth on this. For me there is only one con, and that is it's very hungry when it comes to resources. It bogs down my computer so much that it lags when I type and my mouse jumps all around.  So all in all its a great free program! I recommend to anyone! I have always said, no matter how safe you are on the computer you SHOULD always have Antivirus Software to stay protected!

- T.C. 



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