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Microsoft Extends the Availability Of Windows 7 Enterprise

Posted by computerglobe on April 3, 2010 at 11:03 PM

      Hey guys!  Yes, this is me Jeff.  I haven't been updating in a while because I just got pack from a cruise yesterday.  Ok let's get on topic.  After Windows 7 was released to stores for availability, Microsoft put download links for Windows 7 Enterprise edition.  Windows 7 Enterprise edition is a 90 day trial of Windows 7 which you can download for free and it has all the same features of Windows 7 Ultimate.  Microsoft did this so you can get to feel the power of Windows 7 and see how it looks and acts before you go and decide to go buy it in stores.  Earlier, Microsoft stated that Windows 7 Enterprise edition was available for download untill March 31st 2010.  On April 1st, Microsoft now states that Windows 7 Enterprise edition is available for download untill December 31st 2010.  You have 10 days to activate Windows 7 Enterprise edition.  Once activated, you have a free 90 day trial and you will recieve updates for Windows 7 through the Update manager.  Windows 7 Enterprise will not allow you to enter in a product key because Windows 7 Enterprise doesn't contact the Microsoft Servers that activate the product keys.  If Windows 7 Enterprise did that, then it wouldn't be a 90 day trial!  Windows 7 Enterprise has the 90 day product key already in the install.  You basically have a 100 day free trial of Windows 7 Enterprise.  So go out their and download you free trial of Windows 7 from Microsoft!  Windows 7 Enterprise is available for download in x86bit and x68bit.  Oh I almost forgot, you need a hotmail or msn email address in order to download this.  Here is the download link for Windows 7 Enterprise:

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