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What Is Google Chrome OS?


-Your probably asking what is Google Chrome and why is everyone talking about it?  Well, Google is creating an operating for Netbooks.  Remember, a Netbook is a small laptop with a smaller hard drive and less ram than a desktop pc.  I personally think that a Netbook can do way more than to make you be able to surf the web.  I am currently writing this on my Netbook that I got for Christmas.  Google Chrome OS is going to use the Linux Kernal so it is going to be a free operating system.  It is a Cloud OS.  A Cloud OS is an  operating system that will only let you surf the web.  You might be wondering why someone would want a Cloud OS.  There is a lot of reasons.  It is fast and all the programs that you need will be available for you to use on the Internet.  Doesn't that sound better than installing programs from a CD?  I do.  I believe that Cloud computing is the future.  Google won't show us any pictures of it yet but, some websites have gotten sent pictures from an unknown person.  They could be Photoshop.  Major websites such as and many others have asked Google is these are real and Google hasn't responded.  Here are some pictures that websites have received.  Google says that the OS will be available in late 2010.








You Have To Be Kidding Me


I was on Twitter earlier and I saw one of my follower's updates.  He gave out the download link to download Google Chrome OS Beta.  I was so happy when I first read this.  I noticed that the link was not an official google web page.  I decided to download the ISO thinking that it was the real thing.  While I was downloading it, I found a link on and they actually tested the ISO thinking it was real and it was not.  It was based on Suse Studio and it came with!  Google has an alternative for that.  You guys have no idea how mad I was.  I found out less than an hour ago that this was fake!  I also noticed that it looked like Opensuse by the Taskbar.  Do not get fooled by this ISO thinking that it is really from Google.  I have no idea why people put fake stuff out on the Internet.  Anyways, here is the link to the fake Google Chrome OS site and here is a link for the downloadsquad testing the ISO. 

Downloadsquad - click here

The Fake Google Chrome OS Site - click here

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Google Chrome Pics And Videos!  It's about time!


Many people have been waiting for pictures and videos of Google Chrome to be released.  I was on the other day and I saw a demonstration of Google Chrome OS!  I swear, this is the smartest OS I have ever seen!  Each tab in the browser acts like a separate program.  When you type something in Notepad, It is automatically stored in Google Docs!  You don't even have to upload it yourself to it!  The UI looks very easy to use and it looks nice.  The OS boots in seconds Flash is working on Youtube and other sites right now.  Also, they have a nice dock too like the Dock for the Mac  but it only shows opened programs in the dock.  You can view files on your flash drive and more!  You can watch the demonstration on Cnet TV and on Youtube.  Oh yeah, Google has released their Source Code for Google Chrome OS.  

Here is a pic of Google Chrome OS: