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A Fast Version Of Firefox Only For Linux


I am a huge Linux fan!  For some reason Firefox uses a huge chunk of my processor.  My processor is a Intel Celeron Mobile processor running at 900Mhz.  It uses 70% of 900Mhz.  I don't see how that is possible.  I was searching on the web and I found a web browser based on Firefox that uses less processor juice.  I always use it and it is fast and all of the plugins and the themes work.  It uses 30% of my proccessor.  It is called Swiftfox.  It is not for Windows or a Man or Open Solaris.  the Swiftfox website is here.  As you can tell, it is easy to install expecially for Ubuntu because the debian package is right their.  It only took 1 minute to install on my laptop using Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. 


Best FREE Lightweight Operating System


Everyone knows that Windows Vista uses too much ram and some people think that Windows XP uses too much ram.  I have found a Linux operating system that is very fast.  It is called Puppy Linux.  You can get Puppy Linux as  Puppy Linux comes with basic programs and it is easy to use.  The ISO is only 94mb which is very small.  It is also a live cd!  When you pop in the cd, it loads right into ram!  So you can use Puppy Linux without installing it.  Infact I am using it right now straight from the Live cd.  When you shut down Puppy Linux it asks you if you want to save your session.  If you save your session, the next time you boot off of the cd nothing will be lost.  Like lets say I change the background, and the next time I boot off of the cd the background is  back.  I love messing around with this Puppy!  You can download Puppy Linux from here


What Exactly Is Linux?


Linux is a operating system that is for computer geeks.  Linux is free to everybody.  Linux is free because it comes with free software available to everybody on the internet.  Linux makes more than one distribution of Linux.  If you have very low ram you can download Puppy Linux or DSL.  DSL stands for Damn Small Linux.  Puppy Linux and DSL need atleast 14MB of ram to run.  The most popular Linux distribution is Ubuntu Linux.  Ubuntu Linux needs 256MB of ram to run.  Another good Linux operating system is Xubuntu.  Xubuntu needs atleast 60MB of ram to run.  If you want a operating system for good visual looks then I reccomend Ubuntu, Sabayon, and Kubuntu. 


Listen To Music On The Web


About a year ago I found this awesome site called  You can create your own playlist of as many songs as you want.  It plays one song after another without clicking on them!  This has to be my favorite site.  I like this site because I can listen to my favorite music without downloading them!  All you have to do is create a FREE account!!  They show you step by step of what to do.  All of the songs in the U.S is probably on their.  I think only 80 songs can go on a playlist.  When it says you can't add anymore songs you can create another playlist in the same account and you can listen to your old one too!  You can even have friends on this site.  You can also leave comments on other accounts.  You can also add your playlist to websites and Facebook and even Myspace.  I don't go on Myspace or Facebook because they are stupid!  Here is a pic of Projectplaylist!


My Experience With Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope


Ok, Ubuntu is now my favorite operating system.  It is so much better than XP, Vista, and Windows 7!  Linux is the most secure operating system in the world.  It is even more secure than a Mac.  I was very surprised at the boot time in 9.o4.  It is so much faster than 8.04.  The shut down time is insane too.  I have had very good luck with it on my laptop.  I have Windows XP on my internal solid state drive and I have Ubuntu 9.04 on my 160GB external hard drive.  I installed this on my Asus EEE 900.  It is so fast!  The WIFI is easier than ever to get to work,  In older versions of Linux, you couldn't get the Atheros wifi card to work and many more.  Linux is better than Windows because of so many reasons.  A good website to know why linux is better than Windows is  Click here to get to the site.  Linux isn't really a gaming operating system, but it has games.  Their are so many good distributions to choose from.  You can get Ubuntu at here.  You can also get Xubuntu here.  You can get Kubuntu here.  You can also get edubuntu here.  Those are the main Linux operating systems.  



Ever wanted to have a typing race?  I know I have!  Well, head over to and create an account.  Here it will match you up with people to have a typing race with.  It is free and addicting.  It will have you type a paragraph from a song, movie, etc.  It also tells you how many words per minute you type!  I have fun with this little website!  Me and John race against each other all the time!  Maybe you can join us, who knows?  I like this website and I will probably go to it each day.  I found this website from a Youtube website!  Have you ever heard who Chris Pirillo is?  He is the geekiest geek ever!  I found this website from him.  I swear this site is fun.  Me and John have fun.  Ha ha, I beat John all the time!  This website is available for every operating system.  Email me anytime at!  If you wanna race me, just send me an email. 


An Awesome Instant Messenger For All Of Your IM Accounts


Almost all of the Email providers have their own instant messenger program for people to chat to each other by typing. Their is Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM and many more. How would you like to sign into more than one account with one instant messenger program? You are probably thinking, that this is not possible. With Pidgin, that can happen! No more using a bunch of instant messenger programs at the same time! I bet all of those instant messenger programs are slowing down your computer! Pidgin is easier than ever to use! It is available for Windows Linux, and Mac! Yep, Pidgin can run in every OS! Pidgin by default, comes installed on Ubuntu. I love Pidgin and I use it every day! It is not a memory hog either! You can download Pidgin here.



My Week With Xubuntu 9.04



Hey guys!  I have decided to wipe my entire hard drive on my laptop and installed a fresh copy of Xubuntu 9.04.  The hard drive is a SSD hard drive and it is 4GB.  I have switched to Linux for many reasons.  The main reason is because of hard drive space.  Xubuntu and Ubuntu are compareable but people think that they are the same thing.  Well, they aren't and I will tell you why.  Ubuntu uses GNOME and Debain to run the OS.  GNOME is resource heavy but not as much as Vista.  It uses almost more ram than XP while Idle.  Xubuntu uses XFCE and Debian to run the OS.  XFCE is not resource heavy and can be installed on a pc with 60MB ram. Other than that, that's the only difference.  Xubuntu comes with different Open Source applications than Ubuntu.  So far, Xubuntu has been running nice and everything was out of the box which was nice.  While running Firefox and Pidgin IM, I am using around 200MB ram which is low.  If you install Xubuntu on newer hardware, you won't notice a difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu.  I downloaded the ISO and burned it to a disk and then I popped in the CD and installed Xubuntu.  It only took around 15min to 20min to install.  It's features are pretty much the same as Ubuntu's.  I love Ubuntu and Xubuntu but if I had to choose to installone of them, it would be, I have no idea.  I like Xubuntu because it is faster on older pc's and Ubuntu has nice visual looks.  I recommend Xubuntu for Linux users and new Linux users.  I have not updated Xubuntu because I don't want my hard drive space to be low.  Xubuntu has been working flawlessly on my EEE pc.  I recommend this OS for EEE users.  Here is a picture of Xubuntu.

You can visit the Xubuntu website here.







Do you guys want to find an application similar to Microsoft Word that is Open Source?  I know I did a year ago!  I found an application called AbiWord about 6 months ago and I downloaded it and installed it.  It took about half a minute to install and it has almost the same features of Microsoft Word.  You know me, I love Open Source Software.  AbiWord might look like Microsoft Word, but it is different.  Remember, Open Source means that it is free and anyone can change the Source Code.  I have been using AbiWord for a long time ago and I say, I love it!  Microsoft Word costs money but there are rumors going around that the 2010 Microsoft Office will be free to compete with Google Docs.  AbiWord is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux!  To be honest, I forgot how I heard about AbiWord.  When you click on the AbiWord Icon on your PC, it pops up almost instantly.




VM Virtual Machine


I have been looking into getting a VM (virtual machine) but I didn't really want to pay. I found 2 programs that I was interested and liked, VMware player, and VirtualBox. I personally like VMware player better, the UI (user interface) of VMware player is really nice. You can choose how much RAM you want dedicated for VMware player. You also choose how much of your hard drive you want for VMware player. All you do is click “Create a New Virtual Machine” then select what drive or where the disc image is – then click next – type in name,user name, etc. click next – then it will say “VM name” type in what one you want, (the VM is under your documents folder, and in Virtual Machines folder) – click next, then it will ask you “maximum disk size(GB): I recommend more then 40gb if possible – then it will say store virtual disk as single file, or split virtual disk into 2gb files, I did single but it does say “ splitting the disk makes it easier to move the VM to another computer”, so it is up to you. After that click next, then finish. Then it installs. Easy as that!


Link for VMware player:

link for VirtualBox:




A Free Office Suite


Have you ever wanted a Free Office Suite for your computer that is like Microsoft's?  I know I have!  About a year ago, I found OpenOffice.  I used it a lot but then I switched to AbiWord because I didn't use the apps that came with OpenOffice.  Sun Microsystems made this Office Suite so you know it is good.  Remember, Sum Microsystems made Java Script for your web browser.  OpenOffice Might look similar like Microsoft's Office Suite, but it isn't EXACTLY like it.  If you have Ubuntu, you already have OpenOffice, unless you deleted it.  OpenOffice is available for, Windows, Mac, and Linux.  OpenOffice comes with four programs that are very similar to Microsoft's Office Suite.  I like OpenOffice, but I love AbiWord.  OpenOffice is very clean and it has no ads.  So, What are you waiting for?  You can go get it now for free!  Click  here to get it right now and to read more about it!






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