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My JVC Flats Headphone Review


I was looking for some nice headphones that sounded very good for a good price.  I was looking at Sony ones that were $19.38 but the cord was way too long.  So I was in Walmart and I decided to get these nice JVC headphones for $19.00.  They come in a bunch of colors so don't worry.  I got myself some nice black ones.  I have to say, these sound very good for the price I paid.  If these were $25.00, I would still get them.  They have nice bass and they have little comfort cushions that go around your ears.  These are headphones not earbuds.  You can turn the speakers on the headphones the other way so you can put the headset around your neck and listen to stuff if your volume is high.  These are really nice and I only have 1 con.  The covers for the speakers feel like cheap plastic and when you set the headphones down, they feel like they are going to break so be very carefull with these!  I would give these 8/10 stars because of the plastic that feels cheap.  The sound quality is awesome for the price!  I recommend these if you are looking for a better set of headphones than the $5.00 ones.  I would never go back to my old headphones.  When I first put these on, I said, holy crap!  These are really cool! 


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My New HP DV4 2045XD


Today I bought a new computer!  After having the same cruddy laptop after three years.
Well, I'm just going to dive right in to the review. The specs are as followed Dual AMDs running at 2.20 GHZ each! And ATI Graphics 4500HD (Please correct me if I'm wrong about that!) It's the fastest computer avaible for under $600! I shopped for two hours until I finally decided on this particular computer. It has 4 gb of RAM. 320 gb hard drive with HP ProtectSmart to help protect your computer when its dropped or bumped. It features a 14.1 backlight LED display! It's very bright even when turned all the way down! Built in webcam with mic. Not the best quality but its built so I guess I can't expect the best. Going down the right side of the computer it starts with the dvd drive with lightscribe. then 2 usb 2.0 ports. Phone port then charger. Nice and clean on the back expect for a vent for the air. Also on the back of the display the hp logo lights up! On the left side starts with a Express card slot and it comes with a remote control. Underneath that is a Media Card reader. Then a combo USB/Sata port. Beside that is the HDMI port then Ethernet then Expansion Base 4. VGA then the locking slot. That’s all the ports. I bought it in Moonlight White. Its a very nice laptop! Oh yes I forgot to mention! This hp also includes the hp Smart Bay and what that means is I can take out my DVD/CD drive with just a push of a button on the bottom of the laptop! They included that to make it lighter! They say up to half a pound... I personally disagree the drive is so light so there isn't that much of a difference but its a nice feature! I have never seen anything like that before! The battery life seems pretty average I say about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I love how it has chrome accents all around the computer it makes fell more upscale I guess you can say. The keyboard is a very nice keyboard to type on. The only con I have is all the crapware that’s included. No I'm not talking about Vonage or Rhapsody. I'm  talking about all the HP software that’s included. I won't go to in-depth with that. It's preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I'm going to link off to in just in case you are interested in this HP!
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Apple Router Review


My brother recently had a NetGear router. It worked for a while and then decided to have issues. He was confused about which router brand to buy. I told him to look at the Apple AirPort router. Well, he watched Chris Pirillo's review found here: so he decided to order one.  Found here: I was there to watch him unbox it and go through the set up process. This is unecessary but the Apple packing was nice as usual. Moving on, the set up process was very easy. We just inserted the CD in the drive and went through the set up. He was able to choose all the settings and name the router which was all set up in 10 minutes. It has Dual-Band wireless that means it can put out a/b/g/n all at the same time. This is nice since his computers are b/g and he can connect his PS3 to it as well. The router is able to handle up to 50 wireless devices which is nice! Since he has 4 laptops and 1 desktop a PS3 and an iPhone. Design wise its very nice pretty average weight too. It's also has a USB port on it so you can plug in a External Hard Drive and it is accessable by anyone on the network so you can copy files and music with out having to plug it in to your own computer. There is no Cons with this router i give it a 5 out of 5 stars!


The HP-2155DX


I recently bought a dv4. I had to to take it back due to some issues. Altough I still recommend it to anyone who needs a portable laptop. Just give it a month to get all the kinks out.  Well I took it back to Best Buy which was a simple and easy process. I picked out the hp dv6-2155dx. Well for starters it has the newest Intel i3 which is just a fancy new name for the new Intel Core 2 Duos 500gb hard drive and 4gb of RAM Intel Graphics 4500. It has a 16 inch LED display. 2 inches bigger than my dv4. And with the bigger display you get a number pad which is really nice to have. It also has LightScribe. But with this model you can't take out the drive like the old one. But that is a feature I won't miss much. It was only $150 bucks more which isn't to bad considering it was still in my budget. This display is still bright when turned all the way down and with a display this big trust me you need all the battery life you can get! The new Intels are supposed to get better battery life. So far it appears to be better than the dv4. Windows rating wise it has a 4.2 which is only .2 less than the dv4. But so far I still say it out-performs the dv4. My only complaint would be the black color on this one. Pretty glossy but not as bad as I thought it would be. Oh and it doesn't have the back forward play pause etc etc touch controls. Controls I still want but oh well. Other than that thats it really. So, if you have any question or comments please send me a email at
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Compaq Q1859 Monitor Review


Yes, this was my very first flat screen lcd monitor and I have to say, I love it.  I have had this monitor for about 5 months and it is still going strong.  So far, their are no dead pixels.  The screen size is 18.5 inches and the native resolution is 1366x768.  It isn't that hard to read text on this monitor but, it can be sometimes in Windows XP.  Windows 7 is nice and crisp on this thing.  I bought this monitor because it came with my parent's PC and at that time, my old CRT monitor was broken.  Yes, I was still using a CRT monitor in 2009.  The highest refresh rate that this monitor has is 60Hertz.  I have no problem seeing anything on this nice monitor.  Also, this great flat screen monitor has built in speakers!  The speakers are Ok.  They have absolutely no bass but, it is ok if you only use your PC for web browsing.  I do not use the built in speakers because I have a nice set of desktop speakers.  Remember, HP makes Compaq.  If you hear the word "Compaq", Don't think of their products being made cheap.  The only desktop's that I have ever bought were Compaq's and I have been very satisfied with them.  Again, I highly recommend this monitor for people who want a bigger monitor or a flat screen monitor.  Also, this monitor is quite affordable.  You can purchase this monitor here.  







Trying to find a free way to stay in contact with your friends and family, But Instant Messengers like AIM and Yahoo, Just aren’t doing it for ya? Well, I have the solution for you. And it’s none other than Skype.

Skype is a FREE service that keeps you connected to all your friends.

I have been using Skype for a few months now and it works pretty well. I use it on a daily basis. And I’ve never have had any major issues except for a few dropped calls. The thing I like most about Skype is the video calling. The video calling works quite well it’s not laggy or anything but sometimes the voice can be choppy. While doing a video call you can do a conference call having more than one person in a call. You can even have a conference chat meaning having more than one person in a chat, which is great for business people. There is even a Skype mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch and it works great! Sadly for the iPhone user you can only use it over Wi-Fi but you can make calls from Skype instead of using up all your minutes. If you really want to you can buy minutes or pay as you go with Skype and get a real phone number you can only use with Skype. But just to make free calls to other Skype members is free it’s also free to call people on Skype who have Macs as well. Out of 5 stars I would give it 4 out of 5 nothing is perfect and sometimes it drops calls and voice can be choppy. If you have any questions or comments send me an E-mail at  Add me on Skype TC40093

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Google Translate Review


         Different languages are all over the internet. And if your like me and only know one language such as English then it’s hard to comprehend another language such as Spanish (something I will be learning next school year.) So I found this cool little tool in Google Chrome called Google translate Don’t worry you don’t need Google Chrome to access this and it’s not an app it’s a webpage that simply takes a sentence or a paragraph etc etc and translates it to the language you want.  So to show you what I mean I’ll translate this paragraph to Spanish.

Los diferentes lenguajes son todos a través de Internet. Y si tu como yo y sólo conocen un idioma como el Inglés, entonces es difícil de comprender otro idioma como el español (algo que va a aprender el próximo año escolar.) Así que me encontré esta herramienta poco fresco en Google llamado Google Chrome traducir http:/ / / #. No te preocupes que no es necesario Google Chrome para acceder a esta y no es una aplicación que es una página web, que simplemente tiene una frase o un párrafo, etc, etc y lo traduce al idioma que desee.Así que para demostrar lo que quiero decir voy a traducir este párrafo al español.

Very simple just a few clicks and BAM your paragraph is a entirely different language. I totally recommend this for anyone who has been looking for something to help them translate different languages.

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Logitech Wireless Mouse M215


 I have recently been shopping for a new Wireless Mouse. I had a green Microsoft Mouse it broke after 8 months. So when shopping for a new mouse I decided to boycott any Microsoft mice, actually I boycott any Microsoft hardware. I just use their software which is something they should stick to.  I had a budget for my mouse it had to be under $30 bucks thankfully this one was $20 bucks. I got it at Wal-Mart as much as I hate to shop there I had a gift card for $20 bucks there and decided to buy a new mouse. It’s a Logitech M215 it’s a basic everyday mouse so it’s not made for gaming and whatnot. It has a left click and right click and a scroll wheel. I got mine in black since it matches the color of my laptop. I would include the link but for some reason I can’t find it on Wal-Marts website. Here is the model number M215 just Google search that.  Ok so on to the actual review. The mouse feels great in my hand and its very very light. At least 2 times lighter than my old Microsoft mouse.  The scroll ball feels like any other it’s ok for the most part. The clicks are nice and responsive and the buttons are big and there is very good feedback sound wise and click wise I guess you could say. Also on the top you have a small indicator light that tells you when your battery is low. Logitech claims you get “months of use” but it doesn’t estimate how many. It comes with one battery and that’s all it takes. The receiver is extremely small. It’s not a Bluetooth mouse since my laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth. On the bottom you have an on\off switch and the button to release the back part for the battery and storage area for the receiver. Plus the mouse light for tracking. Its compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 Mac OSX and Linux. All in all it’s a good mouse for basic use and I totally recommend it. For $20 bucks I can’t complain let’s just see how long it lasts I hear Logitech makes great mice that’s why I bought one. It just wasn’t the price that attracted me it was the looks too. Here are some pictures. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at


Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000 Review


OK, my other HP mouse was getting very annoying.  It wasn't wireless and every time you would move it fast, the USB wire would get stuck on my Logitech Desktop speakers  and the right speaker would fall.  So, I finally decided to get a Wireless Mouse.  I was mainly looking for a Microsoft mouse because they are just plain excellent.  Well, I went to a lot of websites to look for a cheap Microsoft Mouse.  Best Buy has outrageous prices as usual and plus, Best Buy is about 10 miles away from my house.  So, I went to to find a cheap Microsoft Wireless Mouse and I did.  I bought a blue Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000 for $25.00.  It has a USB receiver and the mouse has 4 buttons.  It has the left click, right click, scroll wheel, and a back button for Web Browsing.  You can of course change what you want that button to be used for.  The back button is small and it is right behind the scroll wheel so the button isn't in the way so you can't accidentally press it like on my old mouse.  The mouse came with a 1 year warranty and it said that the battery life expectancy is 6 months.  I believe it because I trust Microsoft.  My parent's have a older Microsoft Wireless mouse and you only have to change the battery once a year, not even.  I have had this mouse for 2 weeks and 6 days and I still didn't have to change the battery.  The mouse came with a battery and it only takes 1 AA battery.  It responds extremely well on my PC.  Their is a nice neat feature in the mouse.  Wireless Mouses are ALWAYS on and wasting the battery when you aren't using it.  Well, their is a slot on the back of the mouse so you can put the USB receiver in it and when you put the receiver in it, it simply turns off the battery!  That is a really cool feature.  I would give this mouse 10/10 star rating.  

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